Upton Externally Heated Steel Lined Salt Bath Furnaces

Upton manufactures externally heated, inner lined salt bath furnaces designed for various applications. These furnaces can be constructed with a carbon or stainless steel pot liner materials as operating conditions warrant.

Externally Heating Method

The external heating method of these furnaces can be either electric by use of resistance type heating elements or gas fired utilizing the unique Upton “Hurricane” design which incorporates tangentially firing burners designed to minimize flame impingement to the inner pot salt containment pot. Combustion systems can be FM or IRI rated.

Upton Externally Heated Salt Bath Furnace Applications

Upton externally heated salt bath furnaces can be employed for service in a variety of high and low temperature, ferrous and non-ferrous thermal processing such as tempering, case hardening, caustic bath cleaning, paint stripping, solution treating of aluminum and vinyl/plastic curing. Externally heated furnace operation is ideally suited for intermittent service duties.

Custom Designed and Engineered

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing allows Upton to custom design furnaces and systems to a customers process and specification requirements, rather than attempting to provide to you standard pre-design equipment, as some of our competitors would attempt to do. Follow-up technical services are available for all Upton thermal process systems.

Our Engineered Thermal Solutions will allow for flexibility in your manufacturing productivity.