automated salt bath systems

Automated Salt Bath Systems

Integrated Multiple Process Capability

PLC Control Systems, Hoist Assemblies, Swing Arm Assemblies, Load & Unload Carousels

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salt bath furnaces

Salt Bath Furnaces

Convection Circulation Currents

Engineered Triple Ceramic
Refractory Wall Construction

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specialty furnaces

Specialty Furnaces

Electrically Heated or Gas Fired

Lift Off Bell & Continuous
Belt Type Specialty Furnaces

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batch furnaces

Batch Furnaces

Electrically Heated or Gas Fired

Air Circulation System Promote
Temperature Uniformity
Box & Car Bottom Batch Furnaces

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pit type furnaces

Pit Type Furnaces

Electrically Heated or Gas Fired

Bottom Mounted Circulation Fans to
Ensure Temperature Uniformity and Atmosphere Integrity

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graphite electrode salt bath furnaces

Graphite Electrode
Salt Bath Furnaces

The Upton submerged graphite electrode design offers distinct costs savings in comparison with immersed type alloy electrodes.

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Upton Industries began as a manufacturer of molten salt bath equipment in 1937 with the advent of the submerged electrode design which has since become the industry standard for electric salt bath furnaces.

The expertise gained from our original endeavor has since been expanded to more traditional lines of thermal processing equipment including box type, car bottom, liftoff and specialty furnaces utilizing either electric heating or gas fired systems, with or without protective atmosphere control. This has allowed Upton to become a leader in the worldwide supply of equipment in our ENGINEERED THERMAL SOLUTIONS in the design and manufacture of thermal process systems.