Salt Bath Cleaning / Stripping Systems

Salt Bath Cleaning & StrippingUpton salt bath cleaning systems are provided in an arrangement with the molten salt bath, waste material dumping station and water washing and rinsing tanks combined within a single safety/ventilation enclosure. This system allows for operator control of the process from outside the unit and away from heat and residual fumes. Most systems are designed for use with existing material handling conveyors or monorail type hoists.

Immersion Type Cleaning

Upton molten salt bath furnaces provide for immersion type stripping and cleaning of parts which offers a faster more effective method than burn-off type ovens. The nature of molten salts allow for a total wetted contact between the part surface and salt media promoting complete cleaning in difficult areas of the part.

Process Flexibility

Upton salt bath systems can be custom designed to suit your product and thermal processing requirements. Material substrates can vary from ferrous to non-ferrous with specialized cleaning applications such as degreasing and descaling.

Custom Designed & Engineered

Salt Bath Cleaning & Stripping SystemsOur in-house engineering and manufacturing allows Upton to custom design furnaces and systems to a customers process and specification requirements, rather than attempting to provide to you standard pre-design equipment, as some of our competitors would attempt to do. Follow-up technical services are available for all Upton thermal process systems.

Our Engineered Thermal Solutions will allow for flexibility in your manufacturing productivity.