Batch and Continuous Cleaning Systems

Parts WashersUpton offers designs in both batch and continuous type operation based on your part cleaning requirements. Continuous units include multiple stage processes to provide for washing, rinsing and part drying.

Electric or Gas Fired

Upton batch type cleaning units can be either electrically heated or gas fired, manufactured from carbon and stainless steel materials.

Efficient Cleaning Designs

Upton parts washer utilize combinations of mechanical, spray and air sparger type agitation based on the specifics of the product mix to be cleaned. Units are design for operation on plant air or electrically controlled to best suit facility requirements.

Custom Designed & Engineered

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing allows Upton to custom design furnaces and systems to a customers process and specification requirements, rather than attempting to provide to you standard pre-design equipment, as some of our competitors would attempt to do. Follow-up technical services are available for all Upton thermal process systems.

Our Engineered Thermal Solutions will allow for flexibility in your manufacturing productivity.